6 Tips for Not Debt on Black Friday

November comes and a lot of people are starting to remember that Black Friday happens at the end of the month. There are many consumers expecting to anticipate Christmas shopping by taking advantage of promotions, or even wanting to secure something they had planned to buy for some time.

But before we understand how to make good use of this time, let’s go back to the meaning of the term. The word Black Friday appeared in the United States around the 60’s. The Friday after Thanksgiving was called this by the police, due to the heavy traffic that occurred during this period because of the famous “Christmas shopping”. “Time later, businesses began to use this movement to create promotions and attract more shoppers.

As in the USA, Brazil concentrates its great promotions in e-commerce and always participates in the action on the last friday of november. The time is right to take advantage of the opportunities to buy that product you are needing or rehearsing for a long time, as some discounts reach up to 90%. Despite all the benefits, be careful not to buy things on impulse and get into debt or fall into the well-known “Black Fraud”.

Escape Debt on Black Friday

While Black Friday may bring opportunities to pay less on a product, be careful not to pay ‘half the double’ or end up in debt for making unnecessary purchases. If you have plans to shop on this business date, it is important to follow some important tips:

Make a list of what you want to buy

List the things you want to buy at Black Friday and start monitoring product prices in advance. This will help you to know if the price shown on the day is really advantageous or if the company is offering a lower than informed discount.

Try to stick to your planning when it comes to buying, that is, following the list of things you really need. Many temptations will come during the season because of the big discounts, but remember not to compromise your budget, especially with things you might not use.

Searching in advance is a great way not to be fooled by inflated discounts. Many sites raise prices weeks before Black Friday and then show discounts that appear to be higher on action day.

Know your budget

You need to understand how much you can spend and set your priorities. This is critical to not end up paying overdraft or revolving credit card interest because you spent more than you could. This can make that super promotion no longer worth it.

Watch out for revolving card interest. If you fail to pay an invoice for a poorly planned purchase or choose to pay the minimum, it can become a big snowball. If you prefer, you can take a Black Friday loan as a supplement to the money you set aside for some purchases.

Buying what you don’t need at a discount is expensive

Remember, focus on buying things that really make sense and that are in your budget. You can pay half the price on a product, but if it is not useful for you, it will turn out to be bad money, and therefore an expensive purchase.

When you look at the discount percentages that stores offer on Black Friday, the purchase seems even more tempting and consequently causes a sense of immediacy and need to buy at that time.

However, it is important to keep in mind some considerations: If you tracked the price of that product during the year and set aside money for the purchase, it may be the perfect opportunity. However, if you have no idea how much it costs, you may want to leave the purchase for another time.

Observe delivery times

During Black Friday it is common for companies to work with longer delivery times. If you are taking the time to shop for Christmas gifts, be very careful, after all, if the delivery does not arrive on time, you may spend again in December.

Escape from scams

Research the reputation of the stores and websites you want to shop on, and also research the quality of the products you are buying. This prevents you from getting into debt and no longer receiving the product or even receiving something with poor quality. Sites that do not have basic security elements should be avoided.

Look for tools like Complain Here to know the reputation of the establishment and also check the social networks. Thinking about technology, another factor that can be observed is if the site has security certificate, ie, if there is an ‘s’ after http, in the site address link.

If the discount is too high, stay alert. Search other sites to compare values ​​and see if the discount really makes sense.

Attention to payment methods


The installment of purchases on Black Friday is not always without interest. Stay tuned for payment methods and see which ones are really interesting and fit your budget. Beware of high interest rates.

If you ended up forgetting the tips and spent too much during Black Friday 2016, be careful about the card rotary. One option to pay lower interest is to opt for a personal loan.